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Log and Cedar Home DIY Projects

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Log and cedar homes have a timeless charm and rustic appeal. If you're a homeowner fortunate enough to have such a beautiful dwelling, you might be wondering how you can…
boundary fencing

Boundary Fencing: Ensuring Your Property Is Secure

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Boundary fencing is an essential element of rural property ownership. It provides a clear and distinct boundary line that defines your property and separates it from neighboring properties. This boundary…

Keep Your Timber Home Cool & Energy Efficient

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New developments in heating & cooling will allow you to breathe easy while investing less in energy. Your selection in heating, aerating and air-conditioning or HVAC system will be impacted…

How does clothing fit into your house supply shopping?

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Shopping on the web must be a standout amongst other shopping encounters. At home, wearing anything you desire with no boisterous retail outlets to stop you. It is also a…


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Products Sealants Sealants are water resistant and prevent water and air infiltration through pronounced cracks called checks in logs, timbers and wood siding. Caulking is an obvious solution to this…